Cedar Hill has ample room for RV’s, campers and overroad enthusiasts.

All of these camping locations are unshaded. Cedar Hill does not have a septic clean out location and does not provide potable water for campers. We have limited electrical hookups available, but you are also welcome to bring your own generator.

Cedar Hill has a variety of nightly rental options.

Whether you are just passing through or planning a family vacation there is a little something for everyone. Our Glamping Tents, Bungalow and Tree House are located in our spacious Cedar Tree Timber and are nestled in next to hammock sites, swings, and game areas. Cedar Hill also has a large shower house with both hot and cold running water, fire pits, and grill sites. All of Cedar Hill’s camping options offer solar electricity only and do not have plugins for camper use. Phone charging stations are located in various places on the property and other devices can be charged in our beer garden area if needed.